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Sports Concussions
latest concussion news:
Equipment safety organization approves $1.1 million for concussion research

Zackery Lystedt, teen who inspired concussion laws, walks at graduation

Skull InjuryConcussion

Mayo Clinic offers free baseline testing to over 100,000 athletes in Arizona

ParentsWhat to do if your child is injured

Concussion app for coaches and parents now available for iPod, iPad, iTouch, Droid

Skull InjuryDoctor's visit

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Baseline Testing

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Two-minute sideline concussion test may solve the sideline dilemma

Prolonged recovery

NFL may test helmet impacts with accelerometers next season

SafeKids USA

Mayo Clinic Hockey Summit recommendations include ban on all hits to the head at all levels

Army identifies blood protein marker which may help identify brain injuries including concussions

What becomes of athletes who suffer concussions when young?

Study suggests athletes may need even more time after concussion to fully heal

NJ female teen athlete suffered 15 concussions now struggles daily

Emergency room visits for kids with head injuries increased 43% in the last five years

High school softball adds concussion rule

Study shows most parents unaware of their local school's concussion policies

Six-yr-old sustains concussion attempting flip off diving board

Quebec bans bodychecking in youth hockey and reduces concussions significantly

Neck muscle strength plays a role in concussion prevention

ESPN's  Preston Plevetes' concussion story, former La Salle football player

Zackery Lystedt inspired WA State's concussion law, the Lystedt Law

Are headguards the answer for soccer players?  Some athletes and coaches in ME believe so

Head U Concussions

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