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Sports Concussions
latest concussion news:
Equipment safety organization approves $1.1 million for concussion research

Zackery Lystedt, teen who inspired concussion laws, walks at graduation

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Mayo Clinic offers free baseline testing to over 100,000 athletes in Arizona

ParentsWhat to do if your child is injured

Concussion app for coaches and parents now available for iPod, iPad, iTouch, Droid

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Two-minute sideline concussion test may solve the sideline dilemma

Prolonged recovery

NFL may test helmet impacts with accelerometers next season

SafeKids USA

Mayo Clinic Hockey Summit recommendations include ban on all hits to the head at all levels

Army identifies blood protein marker which may help identify brain injuries including concussions

What becomes of athletes who suffer concussions when young?

Study suggests athletes may need even more time after concussion to fully heal

NJ female teen athlete suffered 15 concussions now struggles daily

Emergency room visits for kids with head injuries increased 43% in the last five years

High school softball adds concussion rule

Study shows most parents unaware of their local school's concussion policies

Six-yr-old sustains concussion attempting flip off diving board

Quebec bans bodychecking in youth hockey and reduces concussions significantly

Neck muscle strength plays a role in concussion prevention

ESPN's  Preston Plevetes' concussion story, former La Salle football player

Zackery Lystedt inspired WA State's concussion law, the Lystedt Law

Are headguards the answer for soccer players?  Some athletes and coaches in ME believe so

Head U Concussions

Concussion feature stories... 

Researchers Rate Football Helmets- Buyer Beware Biomechanical researchers have developed a concussion rating system for  football helmets.  Want a five-star, just look it up.   Sounds like a good idea, but some believe the whole notion leads to inaccurate - and potentially dangerous - conclusions. 
Trickle Down - The Good, the Bad... Some professional sports organizations have made significant changes in their concussion policies, while others have made few.  Many youth leagues follow the standards set by the pros.  SportsConcussions.org takes a look at where we are now.
REAP: Community concussion care

The REAP (Reduce, Educate, Accommodate, Pace) Program is a guide for concussion management developed after Jake Snakenberg's death.  It's the "How To"  that fills the gap between removal from the game and return-to-play.


Zackery Lystedt Hits Some Big Milestones Lystedt law Zackery Lystedt and his family have assembled a variety of therapies to help him gain back some of the independence that he lost when he suffered a catastrophic brain injury during a middle school football game four years ago.  See how much has changed for Zackery as a result.
Mellos Provide Inspiration for New Rhode Island Concussion Law dylan graduation Dylan Mello and his mother Donna worked tirelessly in Rhode Island to help pass the new Rhode Island Concussion Law, effective June 2010.  Dylan, who suffered three concussions in ten months was unable to participate in sports his senior year and also postponed college as a result of persistent post-concussion symptoms.
CT Teen Suffers Post-Concussion Syndrome/ Tries Cocoon Therapy Joe Bonitatebus thought when his broken nose healed he would be able to resume physical activities but found he still had symptoms two years later.  By testifying in favor of the CT concussion bill currently before legislators, he hopes to help other student-athletes avoid the hardships he has faced.
Nike Designs Shoes for Matthew Newman, Injured WA Football Player Matthew Newman received a once-in-a-lifetime gift from Nike in the form of shoes designed in his honor.  See what this Cowiche, WA teen thought of this unique gift.
NFL Gives Boston Univ. $1 Million for Further Brain Injury Research Researchers at Boston University received a $1 million unrestricted gift from the NFL to further their research into the long-term consequences of repeated head trauma.
Lewis Howe,
CDC's Massachusetts Grant Manager

Lewis Howe

Lewis Howe works for the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health's Division of Violence and Injury Prevention and has been instrumental in developing concussion legislation currently under review. He has implemented many programs throughout the state with partners from Boston Univ, Sports Legacy Institute, American Academy of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center, and Mass. General Hospital.
Preston's Story   Preston, his coaches, parents, and teammates attended a concussion workshop at his high school featuring Dr. Stan Herring, Co-Medical Director of the Seattle Sports Concussion Program, and a Seattle Seahawks and Mariners team physician. So when he walked into the dugout and told his coaches he couldn’t go back into the game, he had everyone’s full support.
Dr.David Coppel, neuropsychologist Dr David Coppel Dr. David Coppel has been evaluating Seattle Seahawks players for over 14 years to ensure that they are ready to return to the field after a concussion.  Now he brings his expertise to the Seattle Sports Concussion Program.
Dr. Aaron Dalan former NFL tackle Meet pediatrician Aaron Dalan, whose gentle healing side has replaced the fiercely competitive, tough-as-nails Oakland Raider he once was.
Donna & Dylan Mello testify in Rhode Island; CT introduces bill Donna Mello Concussion Dylan Mello was sidelined his senior year after suffering multiple concussions.  He and his mother Donna have worked hard to establish concussion legislation in Rhode Island as a result;  CT introduces concussion bill
Michelle's Story Catcher Michelle Pelton and her father Ed Hill have worked tirelessly to raise awareness regarding concussions after she suffered seven playing softball and basketball.
NFHS policy change Batter Up NFHS changes concussion policy for high schools nationwide, beginning
Fall 2010.
    John Heck  MS,ATC,CSCS,EMT
Patrick Olsen A certified athletic trainer (ATC) at Connecticut College, John Heck describes the role those in his profession play, plus the training and expertise required to become an ATC in his article "Certified Athletic Trainers are Expert Sports Medicine Practitioners."
   Zackery Lystedt Signing Lystedt Law Zackery, a junior high school football player at the time of his injury, inspired the new WA State concussion management law which is sweeping the country.
    Dylan Mello Donna Mello Concussion a Rhode Island high school star athlete suffered several concussions in 2008/09 that kept him from participating in any sports his senior year. Read how his scholarship dreams disappeared, how he may have to postpone college, and the impact his injury has had on his entire community....
Matthew Newman Matthew and friend Drew 12/27/09 a WA State high school junior, Matthew Newman is recovering from a 2009 football head injury and multiple surgeries.

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